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Adaware, formerly known as Lavasoft, is a software development company that produces spyware and malware detection software, including Adaware. It operates as a subsidiary of Avanquest a division of Claranova.The company offers Adaware in three editions, one free and the other two, Pro and Total, commercial. Other Adaware products include Adaware Ad Block, Adaware Web Companion, Lavasoft Digital L


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Current Employee - Software Developer says

"The business itself is a con and unethical. There are bucket holding Indian origin Project managers who get promotion every quarter. CFO is a zero politics tolerant kinda man but his subordinates are Full time office politics maniacs."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Political Nightmare Everybody is trying to be boss To Many managers with products next to zero."

Current Employee - Business Development says

"Lack of clarity and directives, company is constantly trying to push out new products to increase revenue without focusing on what they do well. Their entire business model is tricking users into accepting unwanted ads. Their main product Web Companion is meant to trick users into accepting and changing their browser search settings unknowingly so they can monetize search. The CEO does not know hot to lead, instead he forms his own clicks and pushes talented employees aside if they don't agree with his vision."

Former Employee - Web Developer says

"- The company has one product with revenue, the rest are sided products and basically not important. - You get the job easily since most of the people have no knowledge of time for the interview, and the problem starts from there! - You can lose your job in less than 30 minutes - It's located in vile Saint-Laurent, expect long transport time in the morning, and afternoon. - Codes are used to be forked from a library which may have lots of anti-patterns. Good luck working with these codes. - Promotion here is meaningless, just a title. If they give Team lead title means you get 2k more. - Three companies employees are sitting together in one space."

Current Employee - Team Lead says

"Politics & corporate BS even though it's a small company. Growing has made the company go in the direction of more process, without any of the process's advantages and with all the downfalls. Daniel, the CEO of Avanquest, is excellent to work with and a great mind. Paul, the CEO of Adaware, has no clue what he's doing. Jumping on any idea proposed to him without filter, bypassing product owners, makes the team work on useless stuff while the money makers (the company is extremely revenue-driven) are getting forgotten."

Customer Mark R says

"I was looking for a fix with my pc and a post said ‘that problem can usually be solved here’. That took me to the adaware site which had nothing to do with my problem. This is ‘fake advice’ and seems a rip off to me. I wouldnt trust a company that sinks to these depths.
I was on a Microsoft community site. The problem was an old windows XP computer I wanted to reset and donate. It kept logging off immediately after logging on."

harvey says

"You were supposed to email a code and it never came in. I checked inbox, spam folder and both email addresses."

Customer says

"Repeated installing, attempted but failed repairs per instructins, removal and installations. Program stops when attempting to scan and gives an error message. Repairing the program also ends up with an error message. Bottom line, the program never worked."

charles says

"Someone accidently clicked on this. I've paid for the different products since they first came out, however, the last paid program couldn't successfully be downloaded and operated; nobody cared, no support, just the full charge"

Edvinas Sadlevičius (Hummanlitto) says

"Today I found that this program somehow was installed on my computer and I was unaware of it. I deleted it as it was consuming resources and I am quite sure it does almost nothing related to security.
Because after deleting it I found few articles mentioning this company as malicious as well as finding that a lot of users didn't recall how they installed their software thus meaning that they don't want you to clearly know that it is installed (Pattern of malwares, malicious programs).
You can even check their website which has reviews but most of them are gone or with incorrect links."

pacgrey says

"could not complete the install because you nerver email the pin."

Customer says

"Very fat installer, extremely slow updates, installation cancelled. Had to restore my SSD drive, will never ever touch Adaware again!"

Marie Oliver says

"Installed itself without my knowledge or permission. Not wanted, never requested"

Marius Grigore says

"Worst kind of thieves"

YertMe HarderDaddy says

"These slimy puppy kickers pay programs completely unrelated to them, to download their dolphin feces drenched in orphan tears ad block without telling you anything. Until you restart your pc and you see "Your secure web search is off - be careful" and that's how I find out I have a program that I did not allow to be on my computer? Whoever the sewage brained spineless coward that thought installing without permission wouldn't make people hate this company should be forced to watch everyone they love have a far better life without them while said employee burns in hell."

Henrik Aagaard says

"This Ad-aware was installed on my PC by mistake with another program, and completely changed my browser and slowed down the complete pc, and very dificult to remove it. It comes with a lot of adds, so please stay a long way from this company"

Dorothy Ayer says

"Talk about sneaking in the back door! My husband's account unexpectedly registered a charge of $85.90, after he had responded to their email that he did not want the product. We looked up lavasoft and found the website, but NO PHONE and NO EMAIL listed! It took a lot of looking to find either one. We will call them at 1-888-290-8649 on Monday."

darius dari says

"biggest scam i ve ever installed on my pc it works bad and unninstalling it it s a whole god damn procces with reboots getting windows ready for unninstall
EDIT:After fckng unninstalling it reboooting my pc and loging on it s still on my pc i lost a lot of time trying tpo get rid of ur horseshit app developers i swear to god my only wish right now is to crak your heads open and poop in em"

Mr Michael Bruinvels says

"repeated attempts failed to obtain a pin (and yes i did check my spam folder)"

Jordan says

"Their web-shield style program installed alongside another program, proceeded to 'fail' uninstallation. Sounds like a load of horseshit. Launches on start-up. Bloatware and not a lot else. Stick with Avast or the like."

Merifri Teloah says

"I didn't intend to install it at all. Just hidden installation crap."

Customer says

"Their products are garbage malware. Do not install any of this garbage because you will end up reinstalling OS."

Herb says

"it did not work for me I don't think I am protected. I needed some kind of password at the end , I did not know it or where to get it. I assume I am not protected . Seems to be too complicated."

Karl Peterson says

"The updating process that I experienced is, to put it mildly, one big PITA! On two of my three computers, the update page would lock up as soon as I clicked the "update" box.
On only ONE computer, did it finally unlock and allow me to complete the update process.

On another computer, I am still running Win XP it has been and still is a very efficient and trouble free OS...but Adaware refused to update on that one because OF my "outdated" OS. Too bad, so sad. The XP Pro stays.

The other two computers are running Win 7 Pro, and I will continue with that one, until hell freezes over. Tried Win 10 ONCE and it nearly destroyed one of my computers and DID destroy my lap top....had to completely reinstall everything on that one.

OTHER than all that, I am very happy with Adaware, and will continue to use it, in spite of the problems attempting to update it. The two stars are because of the difficulty in updating the product. I give it 5 stars for product efficiency.

Respectfully submitted, Karl Peterson"

Timaeus Maximus says

"The free version is marginally effective, but unfortunately it comes with "Web Companion" as an unwanted add-on. I accidentally clicked on the Web Companion icon on my Start Page, and it immediately attempted to open several browser tabs - all failed to open completely. Worse still, it changed my browser Home Page & tab settings. If you choose to keep Adaware, UNINSTALL "Web Companion" IMMEDIATELY. It serves no useful purpose to the user & causes more grief than good. I found Lavasoft Web Companion in "change or uninstall programs" in the Control Panel. You can also eliminate it by going to C:// Program Files (x86)"